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Brand advantages: 
Jingbao toys - 21 years of quality trust 
JingBao since has a history of 21 years professional baby plush toys, the company adhering to the thought that consumers with high quality, environmental protection, security, high-tech toys fashion purpose, guiding the trend of the domestic toy market 
Every fabric of jingbao toys has passed the national professional testing, finished product testing report, and electronic product 3c certification. The product is interesting, playable, and functional is the final factory. Preciseness has always been our style! 
Company strength 
Get "outstanding private enterprises in dongguan" and "keep the contract heavy credit enterprise of guangdong province", "the toy association member unit", "alibaba thousand city wan qi pioneer members" "Chinese consumer trustworthy product" ali online trading class at present three sales lead for 2 years 
Top 10 reasons to sell "Happy Monkey king" baby plush toys: 
Since the opening of the second child, baby toys have been an entirely new field in the toy industry, which has huge business opportunities. 
Baby toys are the new high profit growth areas in your business. 
3. Professional marketing team, providing professional market operation ideas. 
4. Flexible sales policies, make your operating room more and more comfortable. 
Five, zero join cost, investment small return is amazing 
6. Strong promotion publicity team to help you to quickly launch the market. Make the product fast and fast. 
7. Comprehensive data and report management, so that you can clearly know the sales details of each unit product. 
8. Hard production process and advanced production equipment, process and formulation, so that the product quality can be in the leading position in the industry. 
9. Perfect, scientific and reasonable return and exchange policies to reduce your business risk to zero, ensure that you have no worries. 
10. Reasonable price, suitable for general public consumption, potential business opportunities. 
We will uphold the tenet of "integrity, service and innovation" to create the first benefit for our customers. 
We will: expand innovation, write a new chapter of Chinese baby plush toy industry. 
Looking forward to the future, building confidence, wind and rain in the same boat, seeking common development.